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Your Wonderfully Versatile Ridgeback

Ridgebacks are a multi talented bunch, they excel at lure coursing, nosework, and some are quite talented at good ol’ farm work...herding included. When you read about their history and how they developed and served their people, it is perfectly clear that they earn the nickname “Navy Seals” of the dog world.

AKC has recognized that showcasing the talents of our different breeds is as important as showing off their beauty.  Ridgebacks shine in lure coursing, agility, nosework, rally obedience and we actually have some stars in regular obedience. In the pages that follow, we've included some descriptions of activities, steps to get started, events calendar links, and other important information (including links) that will help you figure out what activities may be right for you and your dog. Another valuable program AKC introduced is the “Family Dog Program” Activities under this umbrella include the Canine Good Citizen Program, Trick Dog, Star Puppy, Urban CGC

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