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Breeder List

Responsible breeders are those who always try to produce dogs that conform to the breed standard, are healthy and of sound temperament.

The breeder’ listed are members in good standing with both CBARRC and the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States (RRCUS) who adhere to the code of ethics established by the club.

A few key things to look for when considering a new puppy:

  • Dams and sires that have a CH or DC or FC before their registered names and lots of stuff after (like SC, ACT, NOC, etc). This is not about whether you want to ever do anything in a ring or field with your dog, it’s about breeders who are making sure that the dogs they are breeding are proven, healthy, and excelling at the things Ridgebacks should do well

  • Pedigrees (can be searched on wendelboe POST for all Ridgebacks) that go back multiple generations with dams and sires that have title

  • Parents should NEVER be bred prior to the age of 2 (since some health issues can only be identified after the age of 2)

  • Proof of more than minimal health testing (hips, elbows, DM, BAER, cardiac, holter/dna testing for RR IVA, eyes, thyroid, etc)

  • All puppies AKC registered

  • Be able to identify a dermoid sinus, checked all puppies prior to pick-up, had any DS found surgically removed, and guarantee that all puppies are DS free 

  • Have identified (and be able to explain) show versus pet quality puppies prior to sale (breeders who only focus on having pet quality litters may be breeding for money rather than the health of the breed)

  • Require that any puppies that may be of breeding/show quality be co-owned and not bred without the breeder’s consent

  • Agree in writing to take the puppy back for any reason

  • Be involved in regional (Chesapeake Bay Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (CBARRC)) and national clubs (RRCUS)

  • Provide all medical records/pedigree of dam and sire/AKC registration/instructions for puppy raising upon pick-up

Adriatic Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Carrie Ellingson

phone: 301.356.3016


Benridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Doug Berlin and Julie Cramer

Home of Aggie, 2020 AKC #1 Lure Coursing Sighthound, #1 AKC RR and #1 RRCUS Combined (AKC & ASFA)


Elizabethtown, PA

Whirlaway Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Jen Lazowski


(717) 823-2501

Bedford, VA

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