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You work hard to teach your dog good manners. There’s one area, though, where you probably won’t have much success: Asking them to “stop being so nosey!” It won’t work because your dog’s keen sense of smell – which is 100,000 times stronger than humans – makes him naturally “nosey,” and thus innately ideal for the sport of Tracking. In the world of working dogs, these skills are put to incredible use for emergency search-and-rescue.

So what do you do with your ever-nosey dog? Get them involved in an AKC Tracking event where they can sniff and smell to their heart’s content, and demonstrate that natural ability to recognize and follow a scent. It’s the perfect way for you and your dog—whether purebred or mixed breed—to enjoy many hours together, outside in the fresh air, honing those natural abilities. From AKC -

To search for Scent Work events, click the button above, then select the arrow next to Companion Events on the AKC page.  Select Tracking Events (TR/TX/VST/TDU) and then you can then include filters such as location, date range, club, etc.  

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